Vault Escape is a live-action, interactive escape game near Chicago. Whether your team consists of family, friends or coworkers you have one goal: ESCAPE!

Your team will need to work together to seek out hidden clues, to solve riddles and to complete puzzles. Everything you need to escape is located somewhere in the room. Sixty minutes will fly by as you use your common sense, deductive skills and powers of observation to defeat the game. Will you escape the room?

New to escape games and puzzle rooms? Have no idea what this is all about? Many talk shows and television shows have featured escape rooms including The Big Bang Theory, Kate Plus Eight, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and this humorous take by Conan O’Brien.

Even our local morning show hosts have given it a try. Watch Mason, Remy and Alabama from Big 95.5 attempt escape!

Recent Reviews:

“The story is engaging, the puzzles are inclusive, and there’s a variety of tasks and skills involved to keep all different types of people interested and feeling productive. Add to this a well designed room with some nice props and you’ve got the recipe for possibly the best balanced game we experienced in all of Chicago!”  9/27/2016

“Very intricately set up. By far the best experience I’ve yet to experience in any escape room EVER!!! A must do!!!!”

–Sarah F, Yelp, 9/25/2016

“I’ve been here twice (they have 2 awesome rooms) and I had a blast both times! The rooms are well thought out and challenging. Great for a night out with friends or family. I highly recommend this place for a uniquie experience. The staff is wonderful and I look forward to new rooms in the future.”

–Mike Q, Yelp, 8/12/2106